Cast Iron Chiminea

Cast Iron Chimineas, also referred to as Chimnea and Chimeneas, are a fantastic way to liven up a patio, terrace, deck or garden area. Made from high quality, weather resistant Cast Iron, the Chiminea is far and away one of the most popular adornments for any garden and over the centuries they have proved themselves to be timeless classics!

The Cast Iron Chiminea is seeing a bit of a renaissance at the moment. With the popularity of garden parties and alfresco entertainment on the increase, home owners and garden enthusiasts require a stylish, yet practical way to keep themselves and their guests warm when the Sun has gone down. Cast Iron Chiminea designs offer great heating potential and the Chimineas with an open mesh design can project large amounts of heat out through a 360 degree radius, making them ideal for keeping your party guests warm.

Not only are Cast Iron Chiminea a great way to heat up your next garden party but they also offer the comfort and attraction of real wood burning. No-one can argue that there isn’t something quite romantic and primal about the real wood burning heat and smell. Unlike the standard camp fire, Cast Iron Chimineas extract the smoke and keep it away from your guests or family, meaning you won’t wake up in the morning smelling like a bonfire!

As well as the design, look and feel of having a Cast Iron Chiminea on your terrace, Cast Iron Chimineas are also great at keeping the area clean and tidy. All ashes are contained within the Chiminea base which makes cleaning up and preparing easy!

So if you would like to liven up your next Garden Party or Soiree then consider buying a Cast Iron Chiminea! There are few more attractive ways and practical ways to keep you, your family and your guests warm all year round!

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