Chiminea Outdoors

An Outdoor Chiminea is a great way to liven up any outdoor setting. Available in a large variety of styles and material types, the Outdoor Chiminea can be utilised in a variety of ways and can bring big advantages to your terrace, patio or outdoor area. Not only is a Chiminea a great focal point for a garden party of gathering, it is also a great way to lengthen the summer months and provide a unique way to cook “alfresco”.

The two main types of Outdoor Chiminea are Cast Iron and Clay. Both have their own advantages, and both have their own disadvantages. The Cast Iron Chiminea is a lot more weather resistant and particularly hardy to knocks and the intense heat. However they are a bit limited with regards to style, decoration and colour. The Clay Chiminea on the other hand is available with a much more varied decoration and appearance. They are also the most traditional sort of Chiminea, with it’s origins thought to be in Mexico. Care should always be taken when using a Clay Chiminea for the first time, as the clay needs to be “cured” before it can handle the intense heat.

An Outdoor Chiminea is great for cooking also, and a great change from the traditional Barbecue. Chimineas are available in a huge variety of sizes and styles, with some being specifically designed for cooking of a certain type. You can cook all sorts on a Chiminea, from Pizza to Marshmallows!

Chimineas require minimal assembly and are incredibly easy to maintain. The design ensures spillage of ash and cinders is kept to a minimum and the chimney design ensures you, your family and your guests don’t have to suffer with smoke eyes and clothes.

So, don’t head straight for the “Gas Barbecue” section next time you hit the stores, think about investing in an Outdoor Chimineal; a great talking point and addition to any garden area.

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