Clay Chiminea

Unlike their Cast Iron counterparts the Clay Chiminea is the more traditional way to heat and cook on your patio or terrace. The origins of the Clay Chiminea are thought to lie in Mexico, where large Clay Chimineas were used primarily for cooking. Nowadays smaller Clay Chiminea are used to keep your garden party guests warm as well as provide a unique focal point for cooking and talking.

The advantage of the Clay Chiminea over it’s iron and aluminium cousins is purely one of design and style. They are slightly less practical than the Cast Iron Chiminea, due to potential cracking and low weather resistance, but what they loose in practicality, they make up for in style and appeal. They are available in a wider variety of colours, they can be decorated with different glosses and they create a different aroma and ambience when in full swing.

Adding a Clay Chiminea to your terrace, patio or lawn is a great way to liven up a garden party and extend those Summer months for that little bit longer. Clay Chimineas are extremely efficient heat producers and after several hours the Chiminea will be projecting heat at a 360 degree radius.

Caring for a clay Chiminea is an important part of the process. Some time must be spent curing the Clay Chiminea to ensure it is ready for the intense heat of wood burning. It is also important to be very careful when moving Clay Chiminea as they tend to be constructed in two parts, the main cavern and the chimney, which have been connected at a later point in the manufacturing process.

So why not add a unique focal point to your next garden party or outside soiree? Do it like the Mexicans do, stay warm and enjoy open fire cooking right through the Autumn months.

My friend who works at Kaneohe roofing has this Clay Chiminea on their patio and it looks good and completed the look of their patio.

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