Etruscan Outdoor Chiminea Fireplace

The design of the Etruscan outdoor chiminea fireplace makes it specifically suitable for deck spaces and small patios. The construction is of cast aluminum, an alternative that is durable when you compare it to its earlier case iron cousins, as aluminum will not rust, and will last for a very long time, years in fact, even through the toughest of elements. Its lightweight architecture makes it easy to be stored away when it is not the season for use, and also allows for easy maintenance. Cast aluminum is recommended for climates that have wet seasons, heavy rain. and snow, and it has been adequately tested for these conditions. This Etruscan outdoor chiminea fireplace has a bright appearance with its solid black matt finish with a gold accent.

The chiminea is small, and this makes it perfect for a patio or small deck and gives a garden an added accent. Use this unit if you are enjoying an outdoor barbecue with friends, or if you need to warm your feet when the winter months are chilly. You can use the Etruscan outdoor chiminea fireplace with charcoal or wood, and this fireplace will accommodate fire logs that are 12 inches long. It is designed to allow the adjustment of the airflow by changing the safety door that is at the bottom of the grill. The fireplace also has a removable stack that makes loading and unloading quick and easy.

The Etruscan outdoor chiminea fireplace has several safety features, that include a neck insert that acts as a spark arrestor that prevents any backfire, and also an evenly hinged spark screen that allows for easy viewing. You will also get a fire tool, a matching rain lid, and bowl handles as part of this fireplace. You can make a separate purchase of a cover for outdoor weather, or a gas conversion kit. Any patio or garden will have added style and class when it has an Etruscan outdoor chiminea fireplace that also has a price that matches its performance and features.

Recommendations and Reviews

When we reviewed and researched this Etruscan outdoor chiminea fireplace, we found it had several flaws. Users found that it was much smaller than what they expected and remained unhappy with its overall size. Reviews also mentioned problems with gas conversion kits that they found were not compatible with the advertisements.

Positive reviews suggested that the fireplace was portable and very convenient for placement and storage. No reports were available of flame retardation or rusting. Our suggestion is for them to have a merchant who is reliable and gives excellent customer service.

Detailed Vine Design

Traditional Chiminea with Single Safe Opening
Solid Cast Aluminum Alloy That Does Not Rust
Arrangement Made Easy With Carry-Handles
Fire Support Enabled By Cast Iron Bottom Grate

Cast Aluminum ALCH028

Size 29″ 15″
Weight 30 lbs
Screen And Wood Tool Included
Also Included – Touch Up Paint Bottle
Product Warranty of 1 Year

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