Kidkraft Fashion Dollhouse Comparison

Dollhouse Comparison Chart

Here I have compared the top 3 Kidkraft doll houses according to price and popularity. As you can see below I have highlighted the most important features of each
dollhouse to give you all the information you need when buying a Kidkraft dollhouse. I hope this comparison of the dollhouses helps you.

* All details are correct at the time of publishing. Please check thoroughly when proceeding to checkout.

The kidkraft fashion dollhouse, manufactured by Kidkraft, is the flagship product that has been entertaining and teaching kids around the world since 1968. Their reputaion for quality control is outstanding and they continually get independant laboratories to test their range of furniture and toys to ensure they meet the strict compliance codes set out by each country they sell in.

These unique toys are designed by engineers so you can be assured of the utmost quality going into each and every dollhouse and piece of furniture it produces. It is this diligence which has allowed the Kidkraft Fashion Dollhouse to be a top seller for decades.

The doll house range includes the Savannah Dollhouse, Princess Eleanor Doll House, Georgia Peach, Cheery Hill and the Annabelle. You will get numerous dollhouses accessories to fit out the house as well as having extra accessories avaialble after purchase to add to the decor of the dollhouse.

Review from actual buyer

“After reading all the kidkraft fashion dollhouse reviews, I bought the Kidkraft Dollhouse for a 4 year old who was getting nothing else for Christmas. This is one amazing dollhouse. I am a 47 year old man and after assembly, (which was easy) just looked at it for 4 days. The furniture is real wood, many parts of the dollhouse, frame railings and so on is real wood, the flooring is strong”

All kidkraft fashion baby house come with a 90 day warranty and reading customer reviews from various outlets it appears that the customer service is of a very high standard.
Why not let your kid’s experience the thrill of playing and learning with a fashion dollhouse from KidKraft. They will have lasting memories for life. I guarantee it.

Kidkraft Fashion Doll House Set 65016

The key to honing your child’s imagination is giving them an outlet to exercise it. Little girls are particularly fond of using their imagination with their dolls and can come up with the most imaginative ways to interact with them. Indulge your little one’s whims with the Kidkraft Doll house Set 65016. This offering from Kidkraft Doll Houses features grand scale designs in a perfectly sized doll house that lets your child have fun with her imagination.

Give your child’s doll collection a fashionable home with this Doll House. The Kidkraft Fashion Doll House Set 65016 can house fashion dolls up to 12″ in size. The Doll House’s kid-friendly height assures you that your child will have loads of fun playing house with her dolls and decorating the house with the accompanying furniture. The Kidkraft Fashion Doll House features 3 floors with 6 rooms that your child can decorate to her heart’s content with the accompanying 18 piece wooden furniture that include fabric details. It also has a secret attic underneath the flip-top roof as an added bonus!

Like all Kidkraft Doll Houses, the Kidkraft Fashion Doll House has a solid and sturdy wood construction, ensuring that your child can enjoy the Kidkraft Fashion Doll House for a long period of time. Apart from its extremely well-made decor, the Kidkraft Fashion Doll House comes with brightly colored exteriors like hot pink, lavender, and lime that your child will surely find attractive. The Kidkraft Fashion Doll House Set 65016 is ideal for children ages 3-8 years old.
You now only have to know where to buy Kidkraft

Top 5 Tips to making a small room look BIGGER

My younger sister recently moved into her student apartment and the first thing she screamed out was “MUM…this place is so small!” This did make me chuckle as it reminded me of when I was at university and how hard I had to work (not just for grades) at making sure my room always looked welcoming and homely for when my friends came round. In my bid to have a nice room, the first thing I noticed straight away was that the fewer items I had in my room, the tidier and more spacious it looked! But, like most I was not prepared to get rid of all my worldly possessions (after all it had taken me a good part of an hour to convinced my dad that I did in fact need two wardrobe worth of clothes and shoes, even though there was no wardrobe to actually accommodate!).


After a few days of living in what felt like dumping ground and hours deliberating on whether to discard of my much cherished and beloved giant never used ‘sewing kit for all ages’ it dawned on me: I need to create “fake space”. But what struck me as a genius concept, I soon realised, was actually a well known fact to most people and especially to interior designers.

These are my top 5 tips to help you make a small room look BIGGER

Neatly arrange your belongings by keeping them out of sight. For example, use table cloths to conceal things under a table, use a lose fit sheet for your bed as oppose to a fitted one this enable you to cover belonging you have stored under your bed. Furthermore, invest in storage racks that hang inside wardrobes or behind doors…these are perfect for storing shoes and bags.

Try to make your room look as light and airy as possible; open windows, use light-coloured curtains and bedding. This is the oldest but most guaranteed way to make a room look larger.

Here’s a hint for others who, like me, are very fond of putting posters and art work up: use 1 large piece per wall. Creating this focal point will automatically draw the eye up and down the wall giving the illusion of height to a room. If you’re on a budget and can’t afford new art work, (although they do some great affordable pieces at IKEA) bold stripes on walls and curtains are also effective

While track-lighting is now cheaper to obtain, I had to spend quite a bit of my student loan to afford the ones I used in my room but they were so worth it! You can use track-lighting to create space by positioning the lights outward to create a sense of unending space in the room. Track-lighting worked best for me when I attached them to the main light switch in the middle of the room and because there were 3, I angled each bulb to go towards a different direction towards the edge of the room while tilting it downwards. This worked amazingly!

And lastly, if like me you’re never happy about the size of your kitchen, my advice is to put large mirrors up on the walls, creating the illusion of extended space. Furthermore, if your wallet permits, buy glass doors for your wall cabinets, this is a sure way of creating an instant ‘open’ impression.