Prairie Gas Chiminea

I love a good chiminea, but I’m not a big fan of all those heavy decor elements that make such appliances rather heavy on the eye. Apparently, I’m not the only one who prefers a minimalist, yet sturdy and functional gas chiminea. The Prairie gas chiminea matches this profile, with its simple and elegant design, perfect to its tiniest detail. This model shares the same size and specifications of the traditional line models such as Orchid, Rose and Butterfly. Thanks to the gas conversion with high-quality ceramic logs provides the advantages of an outdoor fireplace and the convenience of a gas-powered unit. Any San Jose deck builder would be thrilled to integrate this unit into their projects, as the installation is easy and the effect is astounding.

The aspect that makes the Prairie gas chiminea one of the most sought-after in its class is the fairly straightforward conversion from propane to wood. You can turn your gas unit into a perfectly functional fireplace and back almost instantly. The seamless design of the Blue Rooster units makes them very easy to light. Also, it helps providing a clean and safe burning. Thanks to the cast aluminum built, these chimineas are extremely durable and long-lasting. The extra large mouth provides a full view of the fire, just like traditional wood fireplaces do. This chiminea is large enough to allow for loading even large fire logs. Also, the hinged safety allows you to add wood without the risk of burning yourself.

The Prairie chiminea offers you the best of two worlds: the classic look and feel of a wood fireplace and the convenience of a contemporary gas grill. Its sleek line and minimalist decoration makes this unit look stylish and sophisticated. It can add value to any property, as it has the power to curb the appeal of any type of garden or patio. The cast aluminum alloy body can withstand bad weather without problems. The Prairie gas chiminea is the ideal choice of anyone seeking to add an element of style to their patio or garden.

Our Recommendations and Reviews

Our in-depth research has shown that people like the Prairie Gas Chiminea due to its sleek line and excellent durability. The Blue Rooster Company had many requests for plain looking yet versatile chimineas. Most consumers reported that the gas kit was very easy to remove and reinstall. Other users liked the large mouth that allowed them to feed even large logs. Some of them reported that they used this chiminea more often than their fire pits.

The only drawback mentioned by many was the relatively heavy weight and the lack of portability of this unit. Some consumers reported rusting due to flame retardation. Also, paint appeared to become flaky over time. However, there were only very few people who had such complaints. Overall, we consider this gas chiminea as one of the best choices available on the market today. Its advantages seem to outweigh by far the drawbacks. Should you be interested in buying one for your patio, we can recommend you a merchant who offers free shipping.

Features and Specifications


  • Traditional Chiminea With Single Opening
  • Body Made From Non-Rusting Solid Cast Aluminum Alloy
  • Chiminea Mouth Screen With Hinges
  • Cast Iron Bottom Grate And Grilling Insert
  • Removable Lid For Rain Protection


  • Cast Aluminum ALCH027 54″ x 22″ Weight App. 80lbs Screen
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Free Shipping anywhere in the Continental US

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