What Lengths People Go To for a Perfect Sofa

Recently I heard of a story where a father ended up effectively flying 5,200 miles from California to New York, in essence, to help his daughter shop for a sofa.

To expand a little, he was going to assist his daughter with finding a bearable place to live – not something particularly easy in New York. The number of scams operating from supposed safe deals on internet sites like Craigslist coupled with sleazy landlords and pest-ridden, dingy, and depressing rooms made for an unappetising trip.

Having arrived in New York the search began. After initially following up on what turned out to be an old lead, and plenty of useless telephone conversations with numerous landlords gold was struck. ‘Heather’, an estate agent who rescued poorly and unwanted cats in her spare time, agreed to show them a round a great, open, light, well-equipped flat. Both father and daughter liked it so much payment was done on-the-spot. One thing was lacking though, a sofa.

The duo visited Brooklyn’s distinctly box-shaped and universally known Swedish furniture outlet, all of two years old. The strange thing about the place was it had seemingly been built to repel New Yorkers. New York is a place where people don’t drive, this store was on the outskirts and didn’t even have a nearby tube station. To get there New Yorkers pitch in for cab rides of up to $80, paying up to $100 more if they buy anything and therefore need it delivered, unassembled to their door.

Both father and daughter soon realised a sofa that had character was missing, and so ensued a huge trip around the rest of New York, into many smaller shops and second hand stores, until they found what the young daughter had been yearning after.

A second hand vintage sofa, big enough to seat a crowd, yet slim enough to allow it to be transported up the new flat’s myriad of staircases. With what would have been spent on similar items at the larger store they first visited, a red wing black chair was thrown in.

I guess the moral of the story is, if you know what you want and are prepared to do what it takes you can find that perfect place…complete with your perfect sofa.

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