Prairie Gas Chiminea

I have read many user reviews lately of customers requesting a sturdy, “no frill” gas chiminea with all the functionality of the others minus the usual over done decor. The Blue Rooster Company’s Prairie gas chiminea is sleek and stream-lined right down to every last detail. This unit is made to the same dimensions and specifications  tofhe traditional line including the Rose, Butterfly, and Orchid. The gas conversion with deluxe 7 piece set of ceramic logs provides the enjoyment of an outdoor fireplace, with the convenience of gas operation.

A popular aspect of the Prairie gas chiminea is the simple conversion from propane to wood by removing the gas components turning your gas unit into an efficient wood fireplace and back again in a snap. The unique drafting design of  this Blue Rooster line of chimineas make it easy to light and very clean burning. Its heavy cast aluminum construction of up to 3/4 inches thick in some areas makes it very durable and built to last. With its traditionally, extra large mouth for full view of the fire, this large chiminea is able to handle a complete load of large fire logs and its stainless steel hinged safety provides easy access for adding wood.

The Prairie gas chiminea offers the appearance of an old world fireplace while also providing the versatility and convenience of a modern gas grill. Its clean, contemporary decoration adds a natural element of  sophistication and style meant to grace anyone’s garden or patio. The cast aluminum alloy body is weather resistant and very durable designed to handle the toughest elements. The Prairie gas chiminea is perfect for those seeking to add a handsome dimension to their garden or patio.

Our Recommendations and Reviews

After doing some research on the Prairie Gas Chiminea we found that consumers generally like this product for several reasons including its durability and sleek decor. Many customers of the Blue Rooster Company had requested a more plain looking chiminea with all the versatility of their new line. The gas conversion kit was reported very easy to remove and reattach. Other customers reported likability for the size accomodations, stating that it was large enough to feed large gatherings and was used more often than their own personal fire pits.

The only derogatory comments uncovered was that this unit is big and heavy and not portable. Some rusting was discovered due to flame retardation and paint wearing was something of an issue over time. Overall, we endorse this gas chiminea, as the pros seem to out weight the cons in this case. We have also recommend a particular merchant who will ship it for free.

Features and Specifications


  • Safe Clean Burning Single Opening Traditional Chiminea
  • Non-Rusting Solid Cast Aluminum Alloy Body
  • Stainless Steel Mouth Screen
  • Bolts and Hardware
  • Removable Matching Rain Lid Carry Handles for Easy Arrangement
  • Cast Iron Grilling Insert
  • Cast Iron Bottom Grate to Support Fire


  • Cast Aluminum ALCH027 54″ x 22″ Weight App. 80lbs Screen and Wood Tool Included
  • Touch Up Paint Bottle Included
  • 1 Year Product Warranty
  • Free Shipping in the Continental US
  • Hinged Mouth Safety Screen Spark Arrestor Neck Insert

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